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Danny — Hailing from Massachusetts, Danny bought his first bass at the age of 10. He has not put it down since. Playing live since the age of 14, he has well over 1,000 gigs under his belt and did not have a ‘real job’ until well into his late twenties. After 7 years of extensive club circuit touring on the East Coast and obtaining his degree in Music, he moved to Los Angeles and attended Musician’s Institute. It was in L.A. that he landed his major label deal as a founding member of Bangalore Choir (GIANT/WARNER BROS. 1990). After 20 years in L.A. he and Susan moved to New Mexico, where after numerous failed attempts to find the right players, they were fortunate enough to find Ron and Tim and Atomic Balm was born. “We look forward to getting out and playing live, breaking a sweat and playing the rock-n-roll we all grew up listening to. It takes a lot of work and dedication to put a band together and sustain it. It’s all about cranking up the gear and playing for the shear enjoyment of playing. Hell, if it isn’t fun it’s just another lousy job that doesn’t pay well!” When last checked, Danny was definitely having fun!

Susan — Susan Lowery has been singing on stage all of her life. She studied voice privately in Salem, Oregon then went on to study as a vocal performance major at Portland State University she then participated in master classes while living in Los Angeles. She has performed classical, rock, pop, blues, country and Broadway styles of music as well as crafting songs in these genres. She is at home with with all styles of music but loves the energy and exuberance of performing classic rock with New Mexico's fabulous Atomic Balm. To hear some of Sue's original music, go to

Tim — Born and raised in Albuquerque Tim provides the driving classic rock rhythms for the Atomic Balm Band. His sold attack emphasized by his early influence of hot jazz licks provides and enormous attribute to the great "bottom" of the band's sound. Tim accompanied some of the best and biggest Jazz Kats in the industry at an early age as well as session work and teaching. He transforms from Rock to Swing to R&B without missing a kick. As Tim took a semi-retirement for a number of years enjoying his family life, he stayed active in the Albuquerque music scene supporting music programs, school workshops and judging. He's now decided before it gets too late to have some casual fun rocking the house in a "Classic Rock" style with a great group of talented musicians. I am sure you will enjoy listening as he lays down the beat to this great era of music bringing back those memories of the past.

Ron — Before moving to Albuquerque in 1991, Ron Manginell studied guitar performance and music theory at the Hochstein School of Music in Rochester, New York. He studied with Kinloch Nelson, Gino Damiano and John Weisenthal and attended master classes by David Russell and Alice Artz. Since then he’s played and recorded solo classical/fingerstyle guitar and lead/rhythm guitar for a number of groups in Albuquerque. These include rock, blues, bluegrass and original groups. Ron enjoys the stylistic versatility of the guitar, but his real musical passion for many years has been lead/rhythm electric guitar. So, he’s is really proud to be a member of Atomic Balm. The talent, dedication and experience of the Atomic Balm band members have allowed it to come together quickly, and Ron is thrilled to be a part.
Indoor photos courtesy of Drs. Steve and Tina Martin

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